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Unexpected diversion today...

So, I was having a reasonably good morning (for someone on day 7 of fairly strong cold) when I realized that something was not right with my mouth. Drinking things led to an ouchy sensation somewhere along the gumline of my right upper teeth. And my tongue found this ragged patch waaaay in back.

Self: Oh, great, that massive buccal filling is coming out again!

That would be a large filling on the buccal ("cheek side") of my top, right, rearmost molar. One that has come out four times over the past 20 years.

My dentist isn't in his Glastonbury office on Wednesdays, so I hiked over to Simsbury for an afternoon appointment.

Good news: they could fit me in today.

Better news: just a portion of the filling had broken away, so it was a very quick restoration job.

Bad news: I had a nasty reaction to the not-Xylocane-but-something-else painkiller. The dentist used this because it doesn't have Epinephrine in it (which has it's own share of possible side-effects). It left me feeling flush and with a pounding heart after the injection. After the work was done and I stood up to go... Well I'm glad that I have the sense to say "I think I need to sit down" and "I'm feeling nauseated" when I do, in fact, need to sit down and am bathed in cold sweat and gripped with rising nausea. As opposed to, you know, being macho and collapsing out in the hallway or something.

I spent five minutes or so sitting back in the chair, and then another couple of minutes sitting up taking stock of things before I tried that standing thing again.

As quickly as it came, it went away. Odd. My trip home was fine, and everything else has been OK. Hmmmmm.
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