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Suddenly the basement looks much bigger . . .

I delivered the "verticality" that ashacat wanted in the kitchen: a cabinet with hutch - 5' long, 24" deep, top of cabinet at ~37", top of hutch ~6'2". It's not done per se, but I figured a getting it into the kitchen now was better than two weeks from now. The exterior finish work is complete; I need to paint the inside of the cabinet. I have a nice old fashioned red paint on order from Cohasset.

The bottom portion of this thing is built to work-bench standards inside. It probably weighs ~200 lbs. It came out of the basement the way the drill-press went in: strapped to a cart, planks on the hatchway stairs, and my truck parked on the lawn acting as an anchor. Some time back I picked up a 15' tow strap on a whim. It was very handy today. I fastened one end to a chain connected to my truck and looped the other end through the handle of the hand truck and back up. Pulling on the end gave me a 2:1 mechanical advantage, and up she came!

I had to repeat this technique to get the cabinet up onto the deck. This time I screwed a large hook into the deck for my anchor point. The trip up the ramps was much easier as the deck steps are at about a 30° angle vs. the 45° angle of the hatchway stairs.

The top part I just lugged by hand.

Some fussing and poking later, and the two pieces were mated together, the floor vacuumed, and the assembled unit pushed up against the wall. It's certainly a step up from the hacked-together make-do table that it replaced. :-)
Tags: carpentry, leverage, simple machines

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