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Sometimes... seems like you just do everything wrong.

At least, the cops certainly thought so.


Friday afternoon 4:45 one of my people calls me. She has just confronted -- and scared off -- a man who broke into our storage room, and then into her office. I determined that she was unhurt and told her to call security. Then, I went outside to get something done before the weather closed in.

Security came down. They called building maintenance to put the doors back together. My employee did not call the police. Security did not call the police. *I* did not call the police.

I checked our network cameras when I got in and found -- to my deep dismay -- that the camera covering the storage room door had been out of commission since the 8th of September.

I went in Friday night to fix the camera and make sure that the space was secure.

Today -- this morning -- I call the cops. An hour or so later an officer showed up. We told the story. My employee described the break-in and gave a description of the intruder. And then the lecturing started.

The officer worked us -- but mostly my employee -- over for not immediately calling 911. And he was right. The perp could have been high, or nuts, or not an easily scared man looking to do a property crime. We could have come in Saturday morning (major weekend upgrade -- a long story for another day) and found a corpse. Then the shift supervisor -- a sergeant -- gave us the 911 lecture. Then one of the detectives from ESU (the Evedentiary Services Unit) gave the same lesson. At least he had some compassion -- he listened to my employee and said that "It happens -- you get all shaken up. Next time, call us, that's what we're here for."

They dusted for prints, and collected the chunk of metal we believe the intruder was using to jimmy the doors. Hopefully tomorrow the building will give us a DVD from the one camera that might have caught something.

The cops agreed with what has been our long-standing assessment: the building's security is for shit, and the landlord's handling of incidents is half-assed at best.

Damn, just damn.
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