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Almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenads...

This morning we were helping a trucker unload roughly three tons of gear in the street and move it into our building. Some archetectural genius designed our loading dock to be too low to accommodate anything taller than a big FedEx van. So, truckers have to use their pallet jacks to move goods onto the lift-gate at the end of their truck (presuming the shipper sent a truck with a lift gate), lower the gate to the street, and then we help push the pallet up the ramp into the parking garage and across into our area.

Today the trucker has an accident with a pallet of six large UPS units. As he lowered his lift gate, the pallet leaned over and then fell off. The equipment was trashed, but no one was hurt -- just. This is my note to our rep at the firm that sent the goods:
[Dear rep];

We need to come up with a better way to ship large orders. As the past several years have demonstrated, the common carriers are either unable or unwilling to meet out requests for trucks able to fit into the 260 Constitution Plaza loading dock. Not only are we rather tired of having to move thousands of pounds of merchandise off of the street into the building, but sooner or later SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET HURT.

Sooner or later almost came today -- twice. [One of my employees] was nearly struck by an inattentive motorist. The trucker's helper came close to getting crushed when he tried to brace-up that pallet of UPSs as it toppled off of the truck's lift-gate. That was eight hundred and four pounds, plus a pallet and pallet-jack falling to the ground. He would have been seriously injured -- and perhaps killed -- had my men not yelled to warn him off.

So, I await your response. We will do all that we can to work with you to come up with a better -- safer -- solution for shipping our large orders.

Best regards,

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