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Four random things make a post

We finally knuckled under and turned on the heat this afternoon. The house was 60° this morning and just did not warm up.

ashacat has a nasty cold, so I got to take the little guy for his first visit to the dentist (he's 21 months tomorrow). We had a good time ... he got to sit on dad in the chair, and look at all the stuff, and play with the little water spigot and cup. He wasn't up for showing the doc his teeth, but that will come. Next time I go in for a cleaning (February) I'll take him and he'll get to see that. The dentist's objective (and ours) is to get him familiar and comfortable with the office over time, so that the first time he goes in for real some of the fear factor won't be there.

My hairline has been in full retreat for two years now. Its effect was made clear to me the other day when a trucker, describing me to our front desk person, said "a red haired guy about forty". And there you have it, Mr. 'I thought you were in your twenties' is finally looking his age. :-)

ashacat has completed chapter 5 of 10 of the draft of her dissertation. Half way in terms of chapters, but probably closer to 3/4 in terms of page count. You go girl!


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Oct. 2nd, 2009 01:53 am (UTC)
AHAHAHAHAHAH! We did the same thing - turning on the heat is defeat! - but folded a bit earlier because of the b*tching of 3 kids.
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