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Some people's families...

For most people, when their parents go away on vacation, they ask them to take care of the dog or water the plants. My dad just asked me to close a grave.

...Ash interment at the Old Church Cemetery, Saturday morning 9:00 AM. The good news is that the hole required for cremains is really rather small, and the 2x good news is that the minister conducting the service has a practice of asking the friends and family present to each put a shovel full of dirt in. So, to quote my dad "it'll probably be almost all filled in by the time they're done."

Eh, what can you do? Besides, some of my best story-telling stories have come out of that graveyard.

PS: I am amused, and a little weirded-out by the fact that Firefox's spell-checker knows the word cremains.
Tags: death, family, vacation

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