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Sometimes you have to trust your gut...

Thursday evening I was at Hall's Arrow with ashacat and matociquala for our usual weekly archery outing. The ladies had both recently had work done on their bows by the guys at Halls. My bow had been feeling a little odd, in an unquantifiable way recently. The serving on the bow string was starting to get worn, so I decided "When in Rome..." and trooped over to the counter and asked then to have a look.

The guys said "yes, you need a new serving" and started unwinding the old one from the bow string. Then we all got a surprise. About 1/3 of the strands in the string were broken right below where the knock had been crimped on. Righty-o then.

One new bow string later my bow was back in shooting shape, feeling good, and making its normal noises.

The moral of this story? When your gut tells you something isn't right with a machine you know very well listen.
Tags: archery, halls arrow, near misses

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