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Done ... finally

After a month of nearly continuous work, our grant application to the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program is in. We were scrambling like mad things at the end to get it in on time ... then due to the on-line application web site crashing at least twice in the last 36 hours before deadline, the granting agencies moved the deadline back six days. Good that the feds did that, frustrating for those of us busting our humps to be done on-time-if-not-a-day-early.

Of course:
  1. I have no idea when the planned award date is
  2. This pile of work is only to get through Step 1 of the process. If we get to Step 2 we can expect a round of Q&A with NTIA
  3. This would have been pure, geeky fun if it weren't for the tremendous time pressure
  4. I am so completely brain fried
  5. I need to catch up on missed time with ashacat and our son
Tags: btop, life, work
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