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I have a confession to make...

I bring home strays. Stray computers, that is. This is compounded by a second habit -- that of thinking well, if I get this, that, and the other thing, I can really bring this whatever up to speed!. ...And then I have a full-upgraded box with no job.

The latest things to wash up on my bench are a pair of Intel Xeon-based server appliances. Both are 1U high rack-mount, built on the SE7520JR2 motherboard. They each have one 3.2 GHz dual-core Xeon (but can support two) and a gig of RAM (six DIMM slots, can go up to 24 or 36 GB with dual- or single-ranked DIMMs respectively); they also have 2x 10/100/1000 NICs built-in, along with IDE, Floppy and 2x SATA connectors. Many USB ports; on-board VGA (and a good ATI Rage chipset to-boot). One half-height 64 bit PCI slot, one full-height PCI-E slot (looks like an x16 slot based on width). I have operated on the chassis with my Dremel tool to expose the keyboard and mouse connectors. They will run Windows or Linux (I have one loaded with Slack 12.1 right now).

The only drawback is that they're loud. I think it's the 1.5" fans on the power supply and in the case -- little high-RPM banshees. The blowers for the CPUs don't seem like they'd be that noisy.

So, before I go off on a tilt here ... FREE TO A GOOD HOME. Outside of the local area, I'd ask for $$ to cover shipping. Otherwise, come and get'em. Drop me a line and we'll talk.
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