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You may be a Yankee Geek if...

You may be a Yankee Geek if...

It's winter and you have your feet propped on top of your PC tower to keep them warm.

You have a box labeled "Pieces of CAT5 too small to save" ... and it's full.

You just recycled your last 16-bit ISA 10Base-T NIC in 2008 ... and it broke your heart to throw out something that still works!

Ditto for that 4GB IDE drive.

Running successful production servers with less RAM and CPU speed than your company's desktop PC minimum standard gives you a sense of pride.

You have ever left -- or picked up -- a PC at the "put and take".

Your blog posting has fallen off due to apple picking, snow removal, or "sugaring" season.

And especially if you are reading this on a blog and you have no doubt in your mind what sugaring season is!
Tags: geek humor

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