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Today was less of a fire drill than yesterday, though I did spend all morning holed up in a wiring closet gathering Sniffer traces of traffic from the schools. I found more compromised PCs at Hartford High, and a little nest of 'em at Annie Fisher. The desktop guys made it out to HPHS and brought back word of the worm's identity: W32/SdBot.worm.gen. I'll probably do more surveillance Monday to gage just how far this has spread among the several thousand unprotected PCs out in the schools.

That being said, I have the following words for the thought-to-be Russian who laid down the code of the original SdBot, and all of the people who have created the four thousand plus variants:


Fuck you, the horse you rode in on, and your little dog Toto too.

Get a life. Get a hobby. Get a cause that does some fucking good. Howzabout volunteering to code systems for charities. All of them need IT 'cause all of them have to report to their funders on a bloody Byzantine array of data points. Don't you think that helping a Methadone clinic or an AIDS hospice keep its funding (or maybe, even help someone) is worth bragging rights?

Or maybe there's only about three worthwhile virus and worm coders out there and the rest of you are a bunch of me too pussies who make minor tweaks to someone else's work, but couldn't code your way out of a fucking paper bag. Hang up your spurs people, they're made of tin anyway.

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