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Catching up...

The past couple of weeks have been their usual end-of-the-year zoo, with some good things sprinkled about.

We had an open-house party this weekend that was lightly attended due to the weather, but the hearty souls who made it out all seemed to have had a good time. We had a fire cheerfully snapping and burning away ... it was nice; warm fire, house full of friends. :-)

I must report that, compared to the gravel driveway at our old house, running the snow blower over a paved driveway is some form of snow removal nirvana.

Work has been dominated by E-Rate: we are assembling our applications for the FY 09-10 funding year, and have (finally!) received commitments for this year's funds. So, much paper is flying, and a whole bunch of gear will be turning up over the next couple of weeks.

I am very much looking forward to taking time off after Christmas, but I must get E-Rate put to bed first.
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