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Bye bye Big Blue

Sometimes the only fitting end for a drawn-out tussle is complete evisceration of your enemy. Today I have achieved final victory over the Tax department's aged IBM AS/400.

After a long, long quest to get the last of the users off the machine (over a year after it had been officially replaced by a new system a few 'old timers' were signing on to it to do historical lookups), I used the excuse of a power shutdown at City Hall to quietly pull the plug and not put it back. Wednesday my crew hauled it's carcass over to our building. This afternoon I went after it with a power screwdriver and pulled all twelve drives out of it. Ten of them went straight into the crusher. Two I set aside for one of my underlings who asked for his own opportunity to crush a couple of disks.

The fact that this is in-line with good data security practices is just window-dressing for the real reason for this escapade: finality. There will be no coming back for this '400. It is done. And now, this expensive to maintain, space- and power-hogging dinosaur can go quietly to the recycling pile. Where, at last, someone might wrest some goodness from its corpse.
Tags: as/400, crushing things, geeking, work

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