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A Murphy's Law kind of day...

ashacat had her own wet cold, frustrating project (trying to use one of those attach to the end of a hose window washing gizmos) while I spent 6½ hours running six cables from the basement, through the garage, to the office.

This was the kind of job that makes me understand why my guys run from residential wiring jobs in their moonlighting business. Ninety minutes to get through the office floor and into the garage. It was a case of just not knowing the layout of the house all that well yet, and being stymied by unexpected construction. Ultimately I wound up cutting a 6x6" hole in the garage ceiling, dug out my inspection mirror and got things sorted out.

Then, of course, not being a big commercial wiring outfit, I did not have six boxes of cable. That meant that I had to pull the six cables in two pulls. Which opened up an opportunity for confusion as to which blue wire was the voice cable and which blue wire was the one I intended to use as the pull-string for the second pull. Uh-huh. You know what happened. Thirty minutes later, I got the right cables pulled through...

Sometime around 5:30 I finally finished. The good news is actually several-fold; with the drops in, there is no longer a 'temporary' Ethernet cable running around the edge of the office; with six cables in place, I could take out the small switch that was under the table (saving a bit of energy); and with the conclusion of this job I'm done pulling cable through the crawl space to the West end of the house!!!!

Ooops, bath time for baby is coming up fast...
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