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A rare, rare day

Kudos are thin on the ground in this biz, so it was a real joy to pen this note to my boss (cc'd to the therein named employees):

Mike & Co;

This morning I had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. W from Food Services. She had sought me out in order to complement AF and VS for the help they had both given her on many occasions. She praised their willingness to assist her regardless of the time of day and complimented their professionalism and good nature. She said that it meant a great deal to her to have people in IT she could count on when she needed them.

Thus, I am happy to pass on Ms. W's thanks and appreciation. Bravo!

The thing is, this started as a game of phone tag between me and W. Her original message was something like "I'd like to talk to you about two of your employees" ... leading me to think "Oh God, what have my troops done now?!?!" So, it was the sheer weight of duty that drove me to call W this morning, fearing the worst. I was utterly, utterly surprised. This flat out   made   my   day.

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