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Virtualizing my virtualization

...automatically *

Overall Progress: DONE!
Host   Notes
imperium   VM host server is fully built and in production.
anna   Fully migrated to VM; p2v cleanup done.
beta   VM is complete and migrated. Need to re-evaluate NIC workaround
solstice   Fully migrated to VM; p2v cleanup done.
wixer   Fully migrated to VM; p2v cleanup done.


...has replaced this
Wixer, Beta, Anna & Solstice

Click for larger image The server shelf is looking kind of empty with just two machines in it. Pre-virtualization there were five hosts - Bingo, Anna, Solstice and Wixer, with Beta sitting on top of an old Synoptics 3030 chassis in the rack to the right. Our pre-virtualization power draw was 450Watts. We're down to 335W; a savings of 115W. That's roughly ~$182 per year in electrical savings. Given the cost to build Imperium (a bit higher than I thought because of a couple of things I missed in the original estimate), that's a 7.5 year ROI. If, however, you take into account future upgrades avoided, the ROI is much shorter. ...And building things is always fun

Next project? Hydro-cooling! ;-)

* A joke only ladegard will fully appreciate
Tags: geeking, virtualization

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