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Sunday morning...

For the moment, it is truly quiet in the house. The baby is down for a nap, the kitchen A/C has clicked off ... OK, it's not really quiet -- there is still the hum of the dehumidifier in the basement, and the occasional car shushing past on the rain-wet road -- but there is so much less noise at this moment that it seems remarkable. And lovely.

And it just ended, because the baby is now fussing.

[Time passes]

...A little fatherly intervention, and he's settled back down. He wanted to turn over onto his stomach, but had gotten himself wedged up against one side of the crib and couldn't quite make the turn.

Any way, it has been a nice weekend. ashacat took the baby over to her parents' yesterday morning, and then went up to UConn to visit a grad student friend who is about to head off to Sweden to start her field research. That left me with the better part of the day to mow the medians, go to the dump, do some yard work, and generally putz around on my own recognizance. Nice. Precious. And, while the kitchen A/C has clicked back on, the quiet of a house where I am the only person awake, is very, very fine.


Before I forget again, happy belated birthdays to britgeekgrrl and thecoughlin!!!
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