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I am become death

...the hard drive destroyer

Our new toy tool arrived today. Nestled in a big shipping carton festooned with "Caution: heavy parcel" tape, our Bow Industries MHDD-1 Manual Hard Disk Destroyer showed up early this morning.

This machine is awesome. BOW wasn't kidding about it weighing 97lbs. After muscling it onto a workbench, I gave it a spin...

The BOW Industries MHDD-1 "Hard Drive Destroyer"

An obsolete 4.3GB SCSI drive

The drive is loaded in the destroyer

...A few turns of the handle


Not going to run again


I spent a good bit of time today smashing old hard drives and showing it off to anybody who happened by. :-)

Video of the MHDD-1 in action [48MB]
Tags: geeking, implements of destruction

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