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I seem to be using that word a lot in relation to this project...

Southington went up ba-da-bing. All those hours of prep and the full-scale mockup on the bench yesterday paid off. The install this morning at the Southington PD was the best of all kinds: a complete anticlimax. We plugged it in, I turned it on, it all worked. *Yay!*

I can't claim all of the credit here — Southington's networking vendor did his part in configuring their municipal firewall to pass the VPN traffic, and vendors maintaining server on either side of the link did their parts as well in configuring their servers to look to the VPN — but the part that is mine is pretty sweet.

Next up on the batting order is probably Glastonbury PD, and after that Bridgeport and Farmington. If I were a complete goober I'd send one of my guys down to Bridgeport instead of going myself. Chances are I'll just take one of them with me.


On a related note, I attended the Glastonbury Democratic Town Committee meeting last night. Afterwards I took the opportunity to button-hole KG, one of my fellow GDTC members (who happens to work for the state-level party in the state legislature) and bend his ear about CEN.

CEN (the Connecticut Education Network) is this whunking big high-speed optical network that connects to every town in the state. Each town is guaranteed 250Mbps of bandwidth. With some 7,000 PCs Hartford just uses 1/10 of that allocation. Meanwhile the state is paying for four T1 lines into Hartford (three for Police and one for the Registrar of Voters). This probably costs between $2,000 and $3,000 a month. Because of increased traffic the state is contemplating upgrading at least one of those Police T1s to a T3 (many thousands of dollars a month just for that). And our CEN link is 90% idle.

I pressed the point to KG that it was silly for the state to be paying for circuits all over the state for non-educational uses when there's this vastly under-utilized network already in place. The statute that created CEN needs to be revised to allow other traffic onto the network. If that were the case, I wouldn't be running around installing VPN boxes in Police departments all over the state. We'll see if this goes any where.

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