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The things you can do with a day off...

I took a vacation day, to get some things done around the house, get a little volunteer work done, and just generally chill.

I mowed the Route 17 medians for the first time this year. It's interesting what you find on the medians (especially on the first mowing); things ranging from the rusted-out heat shield from some small car's catalytic converter, to the usual beer bottles and soda cans. Perhaps the oddest this time were two full packs of cigarettes (one opened, one not) and a lighter on the south bound side. Perhaps someone just decided to quit? (Or someone decided for them?)

After my mid-morning median mowing ashacat, matociquala, the Little Guy and I had a wonderful late lunch at Ambassador of India. The baby slept through the whole lunch -- yay!

Later came a little amateur electrician work -- replacing a damaged outlet in the kitchen and rectifying an open ground problem in the office. Both of these things have been with us since we bought the place in 1996. I don't know -- being a dad seems to have unleashed my inner handy-man. There are a couple more bum outlets and switches I want to get after.

Asha and eBear are off to the climbing gym and the Little Guy is napping, so I have some time to my self...
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