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ashacat dropped the little guy off with her folks around 8:30 this morning, let me sleep in, and then made French toast for breakfast. A wonderful, wonderful, woman she is. We had a lovely lazy morning, capped off with a trip to one of Glastonbury's happening 'Saturday morning' places -- the transfer station. Ah, domestic bliss. :-)

I spent a chunk of this afternoon working on a project that has lain fallow for some time -- setting up an NFS server on a protected subnet so that my two production web servers can do nightly disk-to-disk backups. NFS has gotten a lot more straight forward than it was in the mid '90s. I think I spent almost as much time updating my notes for the three servers as I did doing the setup. Mature technology is a thing of beauty.

When Asha gets back from her errands, we'll pack up and head over to her folks' place for dinner and visiting. All told, it's been a pretty good day so far.
Tags: baby, geeking, linux

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