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Here goes nothing...

One of my long-term projects is the web site for Glastonbury Partners in Planting. GPIP is a town-based non-profit that a volunteer with (I just finished a term as VP and am still on the board of directors). The core of the organization's mission is the planting projects we do. So, the web site needs to be reasonably up to date with what's happening. If you look at the individual project pages you'll see that they're badly out of date. The President and others have been clamoring for me to either get updates moving again or make it possible for them to update the site. Well, with a new baby the first really wasn't a good option, so I started looking at the latter.

This past weekend I dusted off a small, ultra-lightweight blogging engine I wrote a couple of years back -- µBlog. It didn't fly at work -- no real interest. But I thought that it could work for GPIP. So, my home-brew blog system is now out in public working as a tiny (hopefully user friendly) content management / blog system. I haven't converted all of the project pages yet, but the active ones are done and the rest will come in time.

The code is Perl and the back-end db is MySQL. Hopefully I did a sufficiently competent job that the app won't get hacked. And, hopefully, my fellow GPIP project people won't find the microblog UI (modeled on LJ) too much to handle.
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