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...Perhaps the most interesting thing you can spell in Hex

The baby is down for a nap (thank dog!), but I am down with a cold. Or perhaps (and more likely) a cold plus exhaustion. F00. This is the second day that I have been home from work. I dragged my way through Monday, but simply could not get up yesterday. I was planning to call today a work-from-home day, as is usual for me on Wednesdays, but I again could not get up until just after nine.

I know that the "new parent" books are trying to convey useful information without scaring soon-to-be parents out of their minds, but I think that the amount of ink they devote to sugary gushing about the wonderful time to come vs. warnings and instructions on the need for the parents to take care of yourself, too needs to be reversed.

In other news, the Great Leap Forward has been completed on my laptop. The in-place upgrade from Win2K to XP went fine -- except for the fact that the craptastic balky NIC driver would not load, and all my attempts to clear out the old Win2K version resulted in a busted box. One clean install later, and we have a happy, working laptop.

Also, knowing that I need to move forward off of Visio 5, I have tried both Visio 2002 and Visio 2003. Visio 2003 is ... appallingly awful. It's the little things, like line ends not sticking to other line ends when drawing. Grrr. Visio 2002 it is then. It's a nice package, works pretty much like Visio 5, and has some genuinely useful enhancements.
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