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Since shortly after the little guy arrived I have been pecking away at a project to make some toy trucks. This is definitely one of those projects with a long-term payoff. I'll be a couple of years before he's ready to play with these. But, the work is pleasing, and rewarding, and produces tangible results. This has been a wonderful elixir to offset the nerve-fraying duty that is tending to a baby who manifests colic reliably from 5:00 to 9:00 PM every night.

This is my third truck, and the most complex so far. It's an eight-ton dump truck (probably an International or a Sterling) with a 12' "one-way" plow, done up in the livery of the Town of Glastonbury's Highway Department. I put many of the lessons on assembly I learned from the first two trucks into this one (such as, do not glue on the wheels until after you have painted the frame).

Trucks #1 and #2 are a 16-yard 10-wheel dump truck in the livery of the now defunct McClain Trucking (green with a red undercarriage) and an 18-wheeler tractor (mustard yellow with a dark gray underbody) with a flatbed and a box trailer.

Next up will be a sander for the plow truck, a low-boy trailer for the truck tractor, and when I get really ambitious, a TATA heavy truck from India. Now that will be a challenge.
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