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Changes, changing changes...

Change does seem to be the buzzword here. Change that is both baby-driven and baby-unrelated.

Click for larger image I have completed a number of carpentry projects for ashacat over the past couple of weeks -- all centered around storage. Open-topped boxes to store things under the bed, a chest for recyclables and garden tools on the porch, a set of built-in shelves in the office closet to hold more books and other things. My new hobby -- building wooden trucks for future play -- perks along in stolen minutes and brief interludes. It is a remarkably pleasing pursuit.

The little guy himself keeps changing, of course. He’s up to 12lbs 7oz the week, having hit the doubling his birth weight milestone last weekend. Alas, he has also developed colic. His "witching hours" are between five PM and nine or nine-thirty PM. At least it’s not from midnight to four AM, but it does make for long evenings. Everyone -- Ashacat, me, the cats -- is stressed and tired. We are told by the doctor that he’ll grow out of this in another month -- we hope.

Click for larger image And then there is the never-ending roll of the technical world. I have actually done a handful of behind-the-scenes server tasks. Though, the backup improvements I have in mind are still only 25% done. The most obvious change, however, is XP. I’m in the middle of updating my personal laptop to XP. At five, XP seems to have hit a level of solid maturity, and I think it’s finally time to let Windows 2000 slip into the sunset. I have a copy of XP SP3 RC2 ("release candidate two") and will be using my laptop as a guinea pig for that in just a few minutes.

Many parents told me ‘prepartum’ that the arrival of the baby would "change everything". This is one of those truisms that seems true on the surface -- seductively so. But it isn’t. I have the same job I did on January first, I drive the same truck and like the same food and clothes. I still like archery and photography. None of that has changed, but the context has. Still, saying that having a baby "changes everything" is no more true than saying that a decision to forgo that second cup of tea in the evening changes everything: every decision, and every event changes everything that comes after it. A baby is just one more thing to be integrated into the whole of your life.

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