netcurmudgeon (netcurmudgeon) wrote,

Party lights!

...Looks like he hit the trees Jim!

Click for larger image Well, not the trees per se, but these young men brought their Friday night out to an abrupt end when they whipped past our house and fell prey to the icy road. Physics took hold of them and *WHUMP* *BUMP* off the road they went, mowing down our neighbors' mail boxes and trashing the car's engine and undercarriage.

We called it in, and soon there were a pair of gendarmes, and then a wrecker. I brought two of the passengers in so that they could use the phone and find a ride home. I'm wondering if the PD ticketed the driver for being under age for having three other teens (boys, all of them) in the car.

The House of Hum has been bracketed again. At least this time it wasn't our mailbox that got pasted. :-|
Tags: accident

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