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MSCLE and the CCLF

I was talking with my new server manager today, reprising a conversation was had last week about the Byzantine arcana of Microsoft's licensing policies. Today's round was driven by this InfoWorld article on How to get Windows XP after June 30. Oh. My. God. And this only delves into one of the shallow parts of the MS licensing lagoon.

This got us back to the MSCLE. That would be a Microsoft Certified Licensing Expert of course. Every big shop needs one. I can see a course track with probably six or so classes:

• Microsoft Licensing Basics
• MS Office Licensing
• Desktop OS Licensing
• Server OS Licensing & CAL Tiering
• Exchange, SharePoint and SQL server licensing (formerly MS BackOffice Licensing)
• Volume License Agreements and MOLP
• Licensing for OEMs and VARs
• MSCLE Update for 2008

...Each lasting three to five days, and costing ~$1500, with an exam to follow costing the obligatory $150 to $200. A complete cert would cost a little over ten grand, but at least you'd have someone in the house who understands what the hell Redmond is saying in their ELUAs.

This reminded me about the CCLF. If you're not familiar with Cisco's certifications there are a swarm of them, all staring with "CC" -- Cisco Certified -- CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP, CCIP, CCSP, CCVP, CCIE (Routing & Switching; Security; Service Provider; Voice; Storage Networking). After you've drunk enough of the Cisco Kool-Aid you get to be a Cisco Certified Life-Form.

I was thinking that there should be levels of CCLF. Ranging from the basic CCLF (I buy Cisco products) to CCLF Partner (I enthusiastically buy Cisco products, and tell people about them), CCLF Silver (I own stock or I sell Cisco products) on up to the Platinum CCLF (Not only am I a CCIE, but I have my CCIE number on my license plate and I have vowed to name my firstborn child John Chambers).

Or, maybe that would be the CCLF Platinum Elite.

This InfoWorld article on "Windows 7" is pretty good (and entertaining).
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