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Had a fine Christmas with both families. Got asked PC-support questions Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. Par for the course. Busman's holiday and all that.

Alas ashacat has become the amazing Edema Girl with her transformational super-power of exploding legs. Ow. Just ow.

click for full image And, the House of Hum has dodged another bullet. This one in the form of a black '89 Coup de Ville driven by an (inebriated?) local barber. The mailbox was not so lucky. The car -- traveling west at very high speed -- drifted off the road into the neighbor's driveway, careened along with two wheels in the snow, crossed our driveway -- missing the cars and mowing down our mailbox -- and left the road entirely. It missed our ash tree by inches (maybe 13 or 14 of them). The driver then swerved hard left, crossed the road and plowed into the snow on the other side, veered hard right, crossed the road AGAIN, smacked into a boulder, and zigged one last time across the road into a telephone pole. The car was good and hung up, with the radiator cracked and steaming. Asha called it in. By the time I got out to the car, one of my cousins -- the depty fire chief -- had happened along and was on his radio. Enter cops, ECNALUBMA, fire trucks, and many, many volunteer firemen. Ninety minutes later the scene was clear... I wonder if he's going to have the grace to contact us about our mailbox?
Tags: christmas, misc, wrecks

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