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Taking the plunge...

The "you win!" and "thanks for playing" notices should have been sent by now, so I don't think I'm jumping the gun...

We had an RFP out for local phone service (POTS, Centrex, T1s, Frame Relay, DSL). It closed last Tuesday, and the assessment began. We had two respondents -- AT&T and One Communications. Hartford has been an AT&T customer since the year dot. AT&T > SNETCo > SBC > AT&T. But not for much longer.

One Communications put in a startlingly less expensive bid. We called their references. We called them in for a meeting today. And, poke and prod as we did, we couldn't find anything fundamentally wrong with their proposal. So, AT&T is getting the boot.

We'll probably commence conversion on the City side in the second quarter of '08, and follow on with the schools in Q3. If nothing else, this is going to be an interesting ride. We're talking about switching carriers for something like 40+ T1s and PRIs and over 1,200 phone lines at over 125 locations. But, when someone comes in 40% less than your incumbent provider, it's a little hard to say no, we're going to stick with what we have.

I'm still waiting to hear the dull *WHUMP* and the screaming from AT&T in New Haven.
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