September 6th, 2014


'Round the Barn

On August 27th I ordered some LEGO parts on eBay. One of the items consisted of two lots of LEGO Technic pins. The seller was in Rochester, NY. They shipped on August 29th and the parts arrived today. You might wonder how can it take a first class item 8 days to get from Rochester to Glastonbury? Read'em and weep:

8/29/2014 17:37 PMPicked up by RequestRochesterNY14612
8/29/2014 18:28 PMDeparted Post OfficeRochesterNY14612
8/29/2014 22:26 PMArrived at USPS Origin FacilityRochesterNY14606
8/30/2014 06:31 AMDeparted USPS FacilityRochesterNY14606
9/2/2014 11:04 AMArrived at Post OfficeFalls VillageCT06031
9/2/2014 11:05 AMArrived at USPS FacilityFalls VillageCT06031
9/2/2014 11:05 AMForwardedFalls VillageCT6031
9/2/2014 22:22 PMArrived at USPS FacilitySpringfieldMA01152
9/3/2014 04:11 AMDeparted USPS FacilitySpringfieldMA01152
9/4/2014 22:35 PMArrived at USPS FacilityElk Grove VillageIL60007
9/5/2014 00:13 AMDeparted USPS FacilityElk Grove VillageIL60007
9/6/2014 08:34 AMArrival at UnitGlastonburyCT06033
9/6/2014 08:38 AMDeliveredSouth GlastonburyCT06073

Around the barn and back!

Interestingly, the Postal staff in Falls Village and Elk Grove Village knew what to do with the errant item -- and did it quickly to boot. It's the staff at the Rochester, NY and Springfield, MA sorting centers who got this all wrong.

The moral of this story? If you want something done right, get a townie to do it. Those big city folks don't know their asses from their elbows! ;-)