January 22nd, 2014



OK, I think I know at least one condition where I will join all the other parents sitting in their cars with their kids at the end of the driveway waiting for the bus:

3°F with -17°F wind-chill.

Damn that's cold. We had a 90 min. delayed opening today due to last night's snow. We got ~5" here in Glastonbury: one of my guys who lives in Orange (down toward the coast) reports 8".

The reading on the Rhododendrometer is "what the fuck!?"



ashacat made strawberry jam last night. Mmmmm homemade jam. :-)

...Now there's a first-world experience for you: strawberries so cheap and so plentiful that you can make jam in the middle of January, with the temp at 5° with snow swirling outside!