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Stupid cold

Man I am so not good at this being still business. Yes, I understand the rest and fluids mantra, but being idle is just not in my nature.

Since leaving work at 10:30 this morning I have:
• Watched two episodes from the Criminal Minds second season DVDs
• Completed the last pieces of an RFP we will be issuing tomorrow
• Re-watched yesterday's CM episode (thank you matociquala!)
• Watched all of the extras and commentaries on the season 2 DVDs
• Moped at ashacat, who is now out at archery with taichigeek
• Done the crossword
• Trolled DeviantArt
• Had lunch, dinner, two cups of tea and one of hot cocoa
• Obsessivly played the Vienna Teng song Whatever You Want

Maybe I need to find a book to read.

Stupid cold.
Tags: sick

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