April 18th, 2009


A question of physics...

So, how does one guy get a 200+ lb drill press up out of one basement and down into another without a) help, b) breaking the drill press, or c) violating rule one?

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This was my grandfather's drill press -- a Craftsman 150 from the 1960s. In his semi-retirement he had assembled quite a woodworking shop in his basement (table saw, scroll saw, radial-arm saw, band saw, planer, and drill press). We have several of the pieces of furniture he made, including the table we eat at every day. Getting that drill press muscled into place and turning it on for the first time was surprisingly emotional for me. I was feeling so very connected to "Pop", yet also feeling very strongly the irrevocable finality of his passing.

He would be happy to see it being used. Happier still to know that his grandson was using it to make toys for his great grandson.

Rule one: don't die