November 23rd, 2008

house for sale


Last Saturday we moved ... in the rain. Who knew so much stuff could fit in such a small house? Well, you can pack a lot of books into not that much space. :-)

A very deep and heart-felt THANK YOU!! to everyone who helped! Among them brianrogers & Rachel, matociquala, thecoughlin & Karen, taichigeek, The Jeff, ashacat's sister & SO, and all four parents.

We're settling in. Things are finding their way to places that seem to work. The Little Guy and the cats are adjusting to their new home. We went curtain-shopping Thursday night after archery, and were pleasantly surprised by the arrival of our order yesterday afternoon. So, now there are curtains in most of the rooms that were bare, and with a temp of 16°F this morning they were darn timely.

I have not yet wired all of the rooms that I need to. However, one of my crew at work gave me an idea as to how I can conquer the second floor: look for stacking closets. I found a set of blueprints (it's a 1973 house, they really are blueprints) in a box of rolls of wallpaper; lo and behold, the closets between the dining room and living room are directly under the closets in one of the upstairs bedrooms. That means I can construct a wiring chase through the closets and get a path from basement to attic. Once up in the attic, I can get to where I need to go in the second floor rooms.

Nothing concrete on selling the old house, but a couple is making interested noises. We shall see.
ten months


The designs that people put on baby clothing are nothing but a massive projection of parental wishes onto the baby.

...Observed as I was folding a onesie (given by a friend) apliqued with "BASEBALL STAR".