January 24th, 2007


India: D -4

Aside from one last item (a wristwatch) all of my necessary pre-trip acquisitions are done. I composed a laundry list of tasks for my guys which will keep them busy for the next couple of weeks. ashacat's mom was over tonight -- she's cat-sitting while I'm away -- for a review of what's where and what needs to be done for the wee beasties. Clara and Maggie are now completely freaked. They have read the signs, and they do not like what they see!

Things Left To-Do
Clean house
• Laundry -- more progress
Sort through supplies for Asha
Mail package to Calgary
• Pay bills -- some stragglers to pay Friday
Renew ragact.org
Pick up light timers at hardware store
Meds, meds, and more meds -- finally!
Arrange for driveway plowing
Invites for Saturday soiree -- thank you brianrogers!
Pick up shirts from cleaners (Wed)
Go over cat and house 'stuff' with mother in-law
• Packing -- packing of 'freight' looks good *
• Confirm with airline (Thu)
• Purchase wristwatch

* I just scoped out Delta's checked baggage limits. Dimensionally ashacat's monster suitcase just makes it. As long as I can cram all this stuff in and come in at less than 50lbs I'll be fine. I think I'm good. We'll see when I start really packing. On the return leg I'll be coming back with a smaller bag. Probably the biggest challenge will be my hiking boots (we're going to be doing some trekking). Pre 9/11 I'd just wear them, as they are the most comfortable shoes I own, but I'm not keen on having to doff my size 11 clod-hoppers in the security line. What's a boy to do?
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Public Service Announcement

I received a copy of a memo today from an official with the city who is part of the group looking to select a building location for one of the magnet schools. This official has been in the building management and construction business for a long time. I was, therefore, surprised by an error that was made several times in the memo. To-wit:

A sight is something you see.
The implosion of the old New Haven coliseum was an impressive sight. Or, in a compound form Let's drive to New Hampshire and do some sight-seeing.

A site is a place you visit, whether in meatspace or cyberspace.
We will be staying at the same camp site we were at last year. Or, the Delta web site has some handy information.

If you were looking at building lots, you might punningly say we're going site-seeing, but please only do this if you're an advanced user.

That is all, thank you. Please carry on. England Prevails.