August 28th, 2006


Macrosuck, etc

So, those two PCs that I was working on over the weekend? I still can't get the Windows Update web site to play nice with them. majikshop suggested manually downloading and installing BITS 2.0 and Windows Installer v2, which I did along with the Win2k SP4 security rollup patch bundle #1. No joy. Yet, all of my existing Win2k boxes will merrily go through Windows Update and get their patches. This is the same problem I had with brianrogers' laptop on Saturday (it hadn't seen Windows Update in a verrry long time).

What I'm wondering is -- coincidence or conspiracy? Microsoft obviously broke something in Windows Update that is now preventing seriously out-of-date Win2k machines from getting updates. The question is, is it part of a MS plan to bully people over onto vista by making the old stuff unsupportable? Or is it just typical MS bungling where they broke something and decided not to fix it because no one's building new Windows 2000 boxes any more...?


On another note entirely, I'm three chapter's in to Charles Stross' (autopope) Accelerando. I'm not sure that I'm liking it, but it sure is interesting.


Last, but definately not least, thank you to everyone who has sent birthday wishes. I'm looking forward to a nice day off tomorrow -- my actual birthday.
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