August 7th, 2006


A day in the life...

More than once I have thought that my life in IT bore some resemblance, at least metaphorically, to that of the English country veterinarian James Herriot from the All Creatures Great and Small books. I have made any number of late-night house calls for ailing PCs, printers that won't print, sick cows and the like.

Sometimes you come home from the surgery and find an unexpected patient waiting on your porch. What else is there to do but take them in and see what they're about?

The patient

...Thankfully my nephew's laptop -- which was described in the note as comatose and completely unresponsive (and refusing to give up a DVD) -- was just wedged good and tight. I pulled the battery, counted to ten, and stuffed it back in. It booted right up and promptly asked to be fed. You don't get the power brick until you give me that DVD. Season three of Sponge Bob Square Pants is now sitting safely in a jewel case on top of the laptop.

Oh, and the day at the surgery wasn't too bad, either, having spent the late morning and entire afternoon with IBM and Nortel working out the fine geeky bits of making this citizen WiFi network work. Behind every great wireless network, is an awful lot of wiring. :-)
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