September 6th, 2005


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shesingsnow pointed out the young man who drove the 1st bus out of NOLA to the Astrodome as one of the heros of Katrina's aftermath.

I'd like to nomenate these guys. They came on their own to do what they could to help.

I'd nominate everyone who came with a boat, or truck or raft, but I don't know all of their names!
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If the truck is a rockin'

A couple of weeks ago when walking from our office to the City lot to head out for lunch, several of us noticed a black Dodge Ram pickup parked (illegally) at the end of the access road that leads to our lot and wends between several big buildings and I91. By the time we got to the lot and piled into Bill The Starving Co-Op Student's car, a gray minivan had entered the street, turned around in the gate to our lot, and pulled up right behind the pickup. A middle-aged woman got out and got into the passenger side of the truck.

As we drove by we put 2 + 2 together and realized why the pickup with the super-dark tinted windows had a sunshade up: this was no mere parking scofflaw, this was a lunch-time rendezvous. We were incredulous. We immediately dubbed it the nookie wagon.

They showed up again today. Again, we were walking out to the lot to go to lunch. There was the truck. I took a good look at the side windows as we were walking by, and saw that the driver had put up a blanket or sheet inside on the driver's side in addition to the silver sun-shade behind the windshield. The minivan appeared as we were piling into Mark's car. The woman got out, wearing a mini skirt. That was 11:35. We got back around 12:20 and they were still there. I happened to have my camera with me, as I've been documenting the wiring closets we've been working in over the past couple of weeks, and I could not resist capturing a scene that was at once amazingly brazen and utterly pathetic.

Of all the places to pick, why there? The City lot is pretty busy with the IT staff and building inspectors coming and going all through the day. The side street fronts onto Columbus Boulevard. Oh, and it's got all these high-rise office buildings, and a busy parking garage which look over the spot. I mean, it's so obvious. There were several suggestions to call the cops and report suspicious vehicles. Someone suggested posting one of these pictures on the fence of the lot with the caption GET A ROOM! Man, the lengths people will go to to get it on.
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