August 31st, 2005


Riding the chaos wave, right on schedule

The news from New Orleans seems to make trivial anything I might say about my own struggling metropolis. But, in the name of not being utterly snowed under by bad news, I offer this.

We're now two working days away from the first day of school in Hartford and things are pretty much where I thought they'd be. In all of the schools under construction/renovation the phones have been mounted and the PCs (new and old) are starting to be placed by the movers. Four of the six have functioning networks, so the phones and PCs can actually do their things. The other two are in various states of completion.

We racked and patched Hartford Public High over the course of yesterday and today. There's some finishing work to be done (setting IP addresses on switches, labeling, gathering inventory), but HPHS has a 75% operating network that should be at 100% by the end of the day tomorrow. The rest of the school is starting to look really good, though there's still work to be done in partitioning the construction areas from the classroom areas, and a lot of cleaning needs to be done where the two meet.

Noah Webster Elementary needs more work; it's racked and halfway patched, with some equipment still to be spun up, and all of that finishing work to be done. I expect Webster's network to be 100% by Friday. The rest of the site is another story. They're behind and they're scrambling like mad to get the classrooms they need shored up and walled off from the construction areas. Fears that the school may not open next Tuesday are starting to abate, however.

Classical Magnet, unfortunately, moved from 100% to 90% today on account of their decision to occupy more rooms then we had originally been told. So, we should be in there tomorrow afternoon moving that back up to 100%. Tomorrow morning I should be over at University High School for Science and Engineering (even their acronym is long: UHSSE) lighting up ~50 new drops. Hopefully that will just be a morning job and we can get to Classical after lunch and knock it out.

If there are no surprises, I think that we (the networking group) will be in a good position to NOT FREAKIN' WORK over Labor Day weekend. Yay! I think I'm going to take my crew out to lunch some day next week as a thank you.
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