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I'm not sure...

...what this says about our users, or their impression of us. Today I received a help desk ticket from an art teacher at one of the schools looking to access a certain web site she needed for a class on Friday. Normally this means that the user has tried to access the site, has been blocked by our web filtering, and is now seeking redress. After ten minutes of investigation and an exchange of emails it was clear that this was not one of those normal tickets. No, this user had been on the site and just wanted to make sure that she could still get to it on Friday. Yeah. OK. I'll just add that to our custom block list...

Of course, I did just have to tell a different art teacher that we could not lift blocking on a Connecticut art education organization's web site because of the thumbnails of nude paintings and sculptures on their home page. Sorry ma'am, but the nit-wits who wrote CIPA didn't give you or me any wiggle room for art. If anyone can claim that The Naked Maja's breast or that microscopic representation of David's dong is offensive or injurious to minors we could loose six million bucks in federal funds. So, you'll have to download that form from home.
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