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The things you find...

when you're doing the crossword

I use Google when I'm doing the crossword. I make no bones about it. When it comes down to some of the Hollywood or literary references a reach for my favorite search site. Sometimes it's just to confirm a spelling or to make sure that Ben-Gurion Airport really is near Lod, but in my world tackling le mot crosse is war and will use every weapon at my disposal.

While looking up a river today, I found this. It's a photo from December 2001 of a train crossing the "friendship bridge" between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. This was the first traffic to cross the bridge in four years. The Uzbeks were sending 10,000 tons of flour and grain (yes, that's twenty million pounds) to Afghanistan. That's a lot of bread.

This one photo says so much about the history of the region and the modern world. The sand-bagged barricades, the soldiers, the Uzbeki man riding the engine with a camcorder help up to his eye.

It saddens me that relief trains are still needed, but it makes me happy when people get together and send one.

[ The original Guardian story ]
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