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Bygone days

So I'm sitting here with my laptop and the projector in the living room going through our archive of photos. The first digital ones we have go back to 1993. By 2000 we were pretty much all digital. I started in '93 and started working my way forward.

When I got to the 2001 tree I started feeling this heaviness in my heart, which grew as I advanced from month to month. In "I:\ALBUM\2001\09_september\0109_shs_students" there are pictures of ashacat's Suffield High School biology students. In "I:\ALBUM\2001\09_september\010910_hps-office_at_barnard_brown" are the only pictures that exist of the office space we dubbed "the bunker" -- a half-level below ground, underneath the gym at Barnard Brown Elementary School.

All of these feel to me like they come from some distant age. They are as close to me as pictures from the Civil War. Then there is "I:\ALBUM\2001\09_september\010911_hps-eoc_at_barnard_brown" which captures our day on 9/11 when we got chased out of the district central office by the State Police, who were responding to a bomb threat in the building.

After that day comes "I:\ALBUM\2001\09_september\010914_gvfd_collecting_donations" and "I:\ALBUM\2001\09_september\010914_asha_b-day" -- ashacat's birthday on the 14th where we all tried so hard to be cheerful ... and didn't quite make it.

I guess that's the great dividing line for our generation. There is everything before and everything after. And we all remember exactly where we were when we heard.
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