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In no particular order, Ten Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't — with footnotes.
  1. Had two campus pranks of my making noticed up by local papers
  2. Burried, um, probably a dozen people
  3. Burried a horse
  4. Been rushed to the ER after collapsing at work due to a toxic chemical exposure
  5. Turkey head shots 1 2
  6. Stood benieth the turbines at Hoover dam 1
  7. Run a small web-hosting service
  8. Written a classroom text on networks
  9. Been to Dinamita Mexico (yes that name really means what you think it means)
  10. Held a stick of high explosive in my hand, with blasting cap in place and safety fuze burning ... gave it a good underhand lob and got to watch the kaboom

1 Ok, there is one person on my friends list who has done this, with me.
2 Most challenging disc on the video target range at Hall's Arrow. Body shots don't count. You have to hit the projection of the gobbler in the noggin with an arrow at 20yds.

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