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Out and about

Click for larger image This morning ashacat, matociquala, evynrude and I took a hike along Talcott mountain to Hublien Tower. The house and tower were built in the nineteen-teens by the Hublien family, from their liquor fortune (Smirnoff Vodka, Yukon Jack, Jose Cuervo, etc). On a clear day the view of the Farmington river valley from Talcott mountain -- part of the Metacomet Ridge -- is spectacular. From the top of Hublien Tower the panorama of both the Connecticut and Farmington river valleys is breath-taking. Alas, there were no stunning views today, on account of the haze. But the hike was fun, not too hard, we saw a lot of neat things, saved three Efts and a rat snake from certain peril, and generally had a grand old time.

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We'll probably be heading back in another 4-6 weeks to do some leaf-peeping and view-taking once we're into the cool clear weather of fall. For you Google-Earthers out there, we were at: 41 49' 33.25" N 72 47' 53.90 W
Tags: hiking, hublien tower, metacomet ridge

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