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Creative recycling

I've had a bunch of old mag-tape kicking around the House of Hum -- A carton of 4mm DDS2, 3 and 4 tapes and DLT IIIs and IVs -- that I didn't want to just throw away, but hadn't gotten around to finding a secure means of disposing. Enter my creative friends.

A craft-oriented conversation with evynrude, matociquala and webwyrm Saturday afternoon sparked an idea. Soon enough we had cracked open a DDS tape and were tossing the 90m spool around. Not long after that several folks were draped and entangled in shiny black tape. There was braiding, garlanding, cats-cradle-playing, hair-tying and other silliness. We all agreed that the 1/2 thick, 3" diameter DLT tape spools were too heavy to throw at each other, so we mostly bowled them along at floor level.

At the end of the evening Evynrude left with the entire box of tapes and a plot to knit a mag-tape scarf. I love my friends.
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