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An uneasy week at the House of Hum

Not a particularly fun week. Monday had one of those 'earth shifts under your feet' (and not for the good) announcements from a friend. Wednesday was the day of the ant-plosion, with carpenter ants swarming into the upstairs bathroom. So much for a quiet day of telecommuting. Thursday was generally good though long, with a firewall and ISP cutover in the evening. Wednesday and Thursday set the stage for Friday -- bizarre random SSL problems with either the new firewall or the new ISP; the 'bug man' failed to show and Terminix gave ashacat an utterly bullshit line as to why; a different friend let me know that he was going to need me to appear in court to testify in his divorce case; and one of my employees actually got her ducks in a row an handed us a formal grievance over her pay; oh, and it was the last day for one of the really good eggs at work.

Yesterday was hot and gross but seemed to represent something of a turnaround. I made a run to the dump transfer station, but forgot the checkbook and thus could not renew my dump sticker. Bug man showed up (early, even) and hosed the place with insecticidal dust and spray. As of last night the floor of the upstairs bathroom (scene of Wednesdays ant invasion) looked like something out of a WWI movie. I spoke with friend #2 and found out that, no there would be no court hearing -- they reached an 11th hour settlement -- and I would not be called to give testimony. In the afternoon we had a two and a half hour town-wide power outage (most likely due to lightning). Everything in the House of Hum came back up fine, with the exception of the mail server. A disk that I already knew was ailing refused to spin back up. Thankfully, the only thing on that disk was my development web server, and really, this wasn't a week where I was doing anything with anybody's' web site, so restoring from last Sunday's backup onto a new drive was just fine. Despite the lost time from the power cut and dealing with the dead drive, I still managed to get all of the data migrated off of my mom's ailing PC and onto a new machine. The migration went pretty well until installing Scrabble caused McAfee to freak. Uninstalling and reinstalling McAfee fixed that and the rest of the swapover went fine. You can get a sense of why I'm calling this merely something of a turnaround: everything seemed to work out in the end yesterday, but the journey was not simple.

PS: mapmakr your call was one of the bright spots in my day. Thank you.



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Jul. 30th, 2007 12:09 am (UTC)
Oy! These things pile up quickly, don't they? Certainly the announcement from your friend was the most difficult and I hope that works out, but the ants would drive me dead batty.
Aug. 2nd, 2007 02:13 am (UTC)
Thankfully the ants appear to be whipped for the moment.

The thing with my friend isn't going to work out. But, it is prompting me into taking some actions that will hopefully make things better for me in the long run. This will make more sense when I can actually talk about it at the end of the month.
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