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Firefox not so hot on paper

I really like Firefox. I had a couple of false starts with Mozilla, but once Firefox arrived and I grasped the essential wonder of tabbed browsing, I grabbed hold and ran with it. Yet, there is one thing (other than Windows update) that pushes me back to Internet Exploder from time to time. Printing.

Printing in Firefox sucks. It sucks raw eggs through a very thin straw. Firechicken 2.0.0.x is no better in this area than 1.5 (and adds the annoyance of going from having one 'close tab' button in a consistent place to having one on each individual tab -- I can't count the number of far-right-hand tabs I've closed accidentally thinking I was "X"ing the tab that was up, but that's a different bitch entirely). Firefox prints the document's URL in the upper right-hand corner of the printed page where it competes for space with the page title, and then routinely truncates it. Why bother printing the URL at all if, half the time you're going to cut it off? The reason you print the URL is to that the holder of the paper copy can get back to the on-line original. Suggestion: move it to the bottom left of the page like IE, where it's only going to bump up against the page count over at the bottom far right. And then there is the rendering of the text itself ... the lost words at the left, and the bizarre cut-offs from page to page. It's enough to make a lover of Open Source despair.

Maybe it's a sign that Firefox is coded by spiffy modern geeks who have attained the post-paper singularity and have thus transcended the material world of laser printer Luddites like me. But having to retreat to Exploder 6 to get a decent printed copy of a web page is just embarrassing.
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