netcurmudgeon (netcurmudgeon) wrote,

Important safety tip

Computers that have been operating for two years in a basement that regularly gets water in it may be full of mold spores.

ashacat and I pulled alpha and beta out of my sister's basement Monday evening. Today I cracked them open, vacuumed them out and used the to wipe a pile of old SCSI disks that are heading for the recycler. Unfortunately, the Net.Curmudgeon's secret laboratory is in the basement of the House of Hum, and I think the act of vacuuming out these machines created a plume of spores and crap in the cellar. In about half an hour my lungs were giving me this downwind of Chernobyl feeling. Le Sigh. Two shots on my inhaler and one dust mask later and I got my stuff done.
Tags: geeking, important safety tip

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