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Click and Clench

Ugh. For some reason, changing DNS servers for the domain names I manage always makes my guts clench. I'm migrating all of the domains I manage (,,,,,, away from the pair of servers I have sitting on a DSL line at my sister's place to a pair of machines here at the House of Hum.

I've been dragging my feet on this project -- in large part because of this irrational dread of screwing with the DNS records at Network Solutions. Which is patently silly. I'm a big boy. I know what I'm doing. I've been wrangling domain registrations since 1996 fer'cryin out loud. At yet...

The upside is that, once I'm satisfied that the record change went through correctly and the two new DNS machines are running properly, I can retire alpha and beta and cancel the DSL line -- a savings of ~$500 a year when you add up the monthly circuit charge and the cost of electricity.

A coincidence here is that I'm staring at the same task at work -- we're spinning up a new Internet feed from Fibertech and retiring the circuit we have from AT&T. So, I'll be going through this again, probably this week, with all of the Hartford domains.
Tags: dns, geeking, network solutions

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