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Happy quiet day

Aside from a half hour with the boss, I spent my entire day in one computer room or the other. Granted, the first 90 minutes (de-worming wasn't all that much fun, but laying hands on a sick server is still more interesting than going to a meeting. For the rest of the day I was in our primary computer room getting things setup to bring our new Internet connection on-line (a 100 Mbps feed from Fibertech). That entailed racking and configuring two new DNS servers; racking two new firewall appliances (Fortigate 800s); switch configuration; changing out some pieces-parts (wire managers, rack-mount power strips); and labeling, labeling, labeling.

Let me just say, Dell's first generation cable management for rack-mounted servers sucks. The newer stuff for their new servers is much better designed. But, DNS is not high-horsepower work, so I pulled a pair of old veterans for the job and thus got the pleasure of wrangling cables into the old death of a thousand sheet-metal cuts cable management arms.

It always makes me wonder when I get that surprised look from people. The noise level in a good-sized data center is substantial. I have tinnitus, probably from fifteen years' exposure to machine rooms and network closets. So, when I'm by myself in a computer room for any length of time I slap on a pair of sound-deadening ear muffs. I have these nice deep green Winchester muffs. And every time some else walks into the room they get this Oh! look on their face. I mean, how hard is this to figure out? But, getting people to use personal protective equipment is always an uphill battle. (Spraying pesticide? Nah, this respirator's too hot. I'll just breath the gunk, thanks.) Oh well, in 30 years I'll be able to hear my grandchildren call me grampa, and the rest of my coworkers can say "What? Say that again?"

Any way. I was a nice day. It could only have been improved by the addition of a good partner to work with.

Soon I'll be off to archery with ashacat where we'll meet up with taichigeek. matociquala is off to Readercon.
Tags: geeking, good days, tinnitus

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